ALP Applicators

Slurry solutions

His slurry is pig slurry, with an application width of 12m or less, he uses it on slopes, it usually has solids, and he has a vat capacity of more than 10 m3.

For pig slurry on more or less flat land, there are two options that guarantee good results.

ALP PLUS which, thanks to its equatorial discharge system, allows great homogeneity in widths up to 14m, allowing the application of high doses of slurry per hectare at a good speed.

In addition, if you have a slurry with a lot of solid residues, the installation of our ALP PLUS AUTOMATIC FILTER with active hydraulic cleaning, is the best option on the market to avoid clogging.

If you are looking for exact distribution and total homogeneity, we offer you our applicator with inverted shredder. TRITALP PLUS you can reach up to 18m with our patented Inverter Shredder. TRITALP.

ALP PLUS is the most complete applicator on the market and the best solution for professionals working in the field of application of slurry to third parties and those who want a high-performance equipment for their private operation.

ALP PLUS allows the homogeneous application of slurryespecially pork, in a very simple and practical way.

The hallmark of its identity is its FILTER ALP,  that it can be:

    • Manual, for private individuals with slurry in good condition. or the patented
    • AUTOMATIC ALP FILTERour patented system for professionals or customers with "complicated" slurry. It is a very practical solution, as the operator can easily clean the automatically reset filter from the cab of the tractor or truck.

These filters prevent coarse particles from passing through to the applicator rods, thus significantly preventing possible clogging and blockages.

The applicator ALP PLUS goes for sections (typically 3 or 5), which allows for the section cutting to adapt to the plot and even in GPS monitoring of the sections.

Working in sections together with equatorial outlets on the busbars guarantees a homogeneous application of slurry, as the longest stretch of application is 2.20 metres on a slope team, which ensures homogeneity.

ALP PLUS is always connected to the tank or cistern. by means of an eThree-point hitch with hydro-pneumatic suspension:

    • It helps the applicator to absorb vibrations and shocks.
    • Protects the tank chassis of possible tensions that may arise, especially during transport. Often the tank is not designed to carry an applicator.

ALP PLUS no "moving parts", so maintenance is very simple and low-maintenanceThe main thing is to grease the arm and joint grease nipples every 50 hours and to keep the equipment reasonably clean. In addition, it is very easy to use and maintain: has almost no hoses, the outer arms with our new system ALP CLEAN empty themselves, etc.

Our measures are adapted to the needs of each client.. It is currently available in 8, 9, 12 and 14 metres in standard models, y 8 and 9 metres in hillside models, for those sites where the slope is steeper. In this way we can adapt to the present and future needs of our customers.

There is also the possibility of installing a system that allows the rear-loading through the applicator for those vats that do not have a loading arm or side intake, or that in some farms must be loaded from the rear.

For those who carry out work for third parties o alternate the application of pig slurry with other more complicated slurries. -We have the best solution available on the market, the MIXED ALP PLUS-TRITALP which has a double slurry application circuit.

This equipment consists of the standard equipment in 3 or 5 sections of the ALP PLUS and in parallel the tube circuit of our patented TRITALP SHREDDER, allowing the operator to easily (without getting out of the cab) switch from a mixed applicator with running tubes to an applicator with a shredder that allows the application of complicated slurry.

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