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Slurry solutions

Its slurry is from cattle or rabbits and has a vat capacity of more than 10 m3.

Cattle or rabbit slurry usually has a lot of solid elements (straw, cow stubs, etc...) so we recommend the installation of our TRITALP ECO applicator which, with its patented INVERTURED TRITTER system, will offer you great reliability in the distribution of even the most complicated slurry with no or few blockages. Undoubtedly the best option for those complicated slurries.

The slurry grinder TRITALP is an important innovation for intensive livestock farmers and especially for cattle, rabbit and pig farmers with "special" slurry. It is equipped with the patented inverted macerator TRITALP, which has been specially designed for the conditions of Spanish slurrywhich usually contain coarse particles (stones, sticks, bones, etc.), since they there are too few solids separators on farms.

The patented TRITALP shredder has been developed by our R&D team with two clear premises:

    • To avoid the blockages and blockages that European applicators have in the slurry conditions in Spain.
    • Ensure an exact distribution of slurry to each outlet.

The Shredder TRITALP is fed from the bottom into the cone of a system hydrocyclone which means that coarse particles practically do not reach the shredder, drastically reducing the potential for traffic jams. It then uses a system of shredding by means of an eccentric disc (with our patented NON-STOP system), which is in charge of distributing and "grinding" the solid remains and fibres that the slurry may contain.


At the bottom we place a decanter where the slurry flow velocity and trajectory favours the sedimentation This process will be completed by the upper hydrocyclone to almost completely avoid clogging.

The TRITALP has a system of automatic download which means that we leave the coarsest debris on the plot before leaving it and requires virtually no cleaning.

Another advantage of the slurry shredder is that it can be used as a TRITALP is its exact distribution of slurry dosage even at low doses and in sloping conditions, which makes it suitable for customers who want a dosing with a higher accuracy than 95%.

In addition, in its various configurations we have a TRITALP applicator for every application and tank size, from light equipment up to 6 or 8 metres for 1-axle and small volume tanks, through mixed equipment with slurry applicator. ALP PLUS and even the new TRITALP PLUS, which is installed on a three-point hitch fitted to the tank (can be supplied if not fitted) and can reach widths of up to 18 metres. All this without sacrificing our key features of reliability and homogeneous distribution..

There is also the possibility of installing a system that allows the rear-loading through the applicator for those vats that do not have a loading arm or side intake, or that in some farms have to be loaded from the rear.

In short, the TRITALP applicator completes the range of ALP applicators already composed so far by the ALP ECO (direct coupling to the tanker) and the ALP PLUS on three-point linkage that have distinguished themselves as the equipment that best combines simplicity with reliability when applying slurry without clogging or downtime.

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