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Slurry solutions

Its slurry is pig slurry with a high solid content, with an application width of 5.8 metres and a tank capacity of less than 10 m3.

When we want widths close to 6mts the best option is our applicator. ALP ECO TCThe new, equatorial outlet technology guarantees the best possible homogeneity as well as a product that is practical to use (hydraulic folding) at a very competitive price and can be installed in any cistern.

If you have a high level of solids in your slurry, we recommend the installation of a filter. ALP ECO Automatic cleaning system that every time you fold the applicator discharges solids to the ground, greatly increases the manual cleaning cycle and avoids clogging of the bar.

Our applicator ALP ECO TC is designed for those customers who want more features than what they can get from the ALP ECO (in terms of homogeneity, distribution, etc.), but they don't want to go to a team ALP PLUS (larger filter, compulsory hook-up, sectioning, etc.)
ALP ECO TC is an applicator that is fixed directly on the outlet of the tank and is braced by means of brackets (supplied with the applicator). It is always an equipment with hydraulic folding (the tubes are heavy for manual bending), so it is necessary to bring a hydraulic service or to install a solenoid valve next to the control of the discharge chute.

ALP PLUS consists of three tubes of the same diameter (DN100) which are fitted together by means of a connecting balls automatically when we fold and unfold the equipment. 

The slurry enters through the centre and is distributed along the entire length of the pipe.. As with the other ALP applicators, the tube exits are equatorialThis means that even if it is a 5 m long continuous pipe, it can be used as a the homogeneity of the application is very high.

It is possible (we recommend) to install a filter. ALP ECO between the tank and the applicator, which makes it possible to easily avoid blockages and blockages at the exits, making life easier for the operator.

ALP ECO TC is available in 3.5, 4.20, 5 and 5.80 metre widths to suit the needs of each customer, with even possibility of modifying the characteristics of the equipment.

There is also the possibility of installing a system that allows the rear loading through the applicator for those tanks that do not have a loading arm or side intake, or that in some farms must be loaded from the rear.

Ultimately, the applicator ALP ECO TC is a very simple piece of equipment that:

    • Se is attached directly to the tank outlet.
    • It has a large-diameter continuous pipe for homogeneous slurry distribution.
    •  It provides a solution for small to medium-sized tanks operating in flat areas.
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