Currently, technology allows the treatment of pig slurry by means of physico-chemical processes that can make the liquid resulting from its treatment drinkable and a solid residue with high energy and/or fertiliser value.

Using it as a proximity fertiliser means applying it on the fields to take advantage of its components to nourish the crops.

Within our group, we have developed a correct use of pig slurry to assist in the integrated management of pig slurry as a simple and easy to use tool that allows an efficient economic and environmental use of pig slurry.


The platform consists of three main elements:


It is installed in the slurry tanker, is responsible for providing the GPS position of the tanker (to locate both the origin and destination of each slurry vat), as well as analysing the fertiliser richness of each tanker by means of a slurry analysis sensor (by analysing the conductivity of the slurry) and is also responsible for monitoring and collecting data from the patented automatic dosage control system.  AUTOTAJ.

Control everything from the tractor

Control computer located in the cab of the tractor or truck which is responsible for receiving the information from the AXSENSOR. In a very simple way, the operator will be able to identify the farm of origin and the parcel of destination, and know the composition of the slurry to receive assistance when applying the dose of fertiliser in real time.

Upload data to the cloud

Application hosted on our servers, where all the slurry management information is stored. We will have identified the farms of origin, the plots that receive the fertilisers, quantities, dates, control of intermediate deposits...etc. 

The system provides the user with the necessary information to know the needs that the crop may still have and to apply them in real time.

PURIN tester

The purintester is the best conductivity meter on the market, because in addition to giving you an accurate analysis of your slurry, it helps you when applying it in the field by indicating the dose in kgN/ha that you are applying. Very easy to install, it is placed in the cistern and is powered by 12 volts (INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED). The mobile application can be downloaded from the Playstore for Android.

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During the journey, your composition is analysed

+ Production

We promote the value of local compost, favouring the circular economy.


- Expenditure

You get an economic and environmental benefit in a very simple way.


+ Sustainable

Know in real time the composition of the product you are applying and modify it during the trip.



We speak of "slurry inhibition" when chemical or organic products capable of slowing down the nitrification process are added to it, which means that the ammoniacal nitrogen found in the soil is converted into nitric form for a longer period of time, with smaller quantities being available to the plant, but for a longer period of time. With this product, we will ensure that its use is much higher and its leaching losses are substantially reduced.


With the AGROXCONTROL ACIPURIN system installed in the application tank, we will have an automatic dosing system according to the characteristics of the slurry. We ensure a reduction of at least 50% of ammonia emissions, and therefore of nitrogen loss, and we manage to multiply the amount of assimilable phosphorus in the slurry.


The Irripurín in combination with the irrigation controller is responsible for controlling the slurry injection pump.
to inject a known quantity of fertiliser.

In addition, in combination with the irrigation programmer, it is possible to trace which plots of land receive which quantities of slurry in order to comply with the law.


On the farm it has to pass through a solids separator and is stored outside.

Controller for optimising slurry in irrigation.

Apply the exact fertiliser units in irrigation.

Analyse and select the type of slurry.

Calculate the exact dose of
fertilisers for drip, top dressing and even pivot.

Traceability of slurry by parcel according to slurry legislation.


It goes to a liquid fraction tank, where we are going to analyse it and with a pump we are going to inject it into the irrigation network, first passing through a meter (to know how much we are injecting).

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On-board tank cleaning system

   Adapted to all types of cisterns

  • Rapid tank disinfection
  • Maximum health guarantee