ALP Applicators

Slurry solutions

Its slurry is pig slurry, with an application width of 5 m and a vat capacity of more than 10 m3.

For small widths and slurry not containing a lot of solids, we recommend our ALP ECO Applicator, which is connected directly to the outlet of the vat and ensures a homogeneous distribution at a very reasonable price. We recommend the installation of an ALP ECO FILTER to avoid blockages in the bar.

When the size of our cistern is not very large or it is simply a single-axis cistern, it is not possible to fit a ALP PLUS, because with the weight of the applicator and the distance that the coupling is set back from the applicator, the stability of the tank would be compromised and it would probably move backwards.

For these small tanks we have developed the applicator ALP ECO which has working widths from 2.5 to 5.80 m. 

In order to ensure a good homogeneitythe applicator ALP ECO has "equatorial" arm outlets, which forces the tube to pick up a medium level and start discharging more or less simultaneously from all applicator outlets.

ALP ECO is placed directly on the outlet of the tank and is anchored by means of bars (supplied with the applicator), which will be responsible for supporting the weight and vibrations of the equipment.

Versions longer than 2.5 m carry two folding sections (manual or hydraulic) depending on the needs of the operator. In order for the equipment to be able to driving on the road must optionally carry the LIGHT KIT.

ALP ECO can take (and we always recommend) as an optional extra our exclusive ALP ECO FILTER, in both manual and automatic versions. The filter largely prevents clogging of the bars, This allows the operator the simplest and most homogeneous application.

There is also the possibility of installing a system that allows the rear loading through the applicator for those tanks that do not have a loading arm or side intake, or that in some farms must be loaded from the rear.

ALP ECO is customisable and we have plenty of options for special needs in terms of dimensions and accessories, such as when applied to trees, fruit trees, vines, etc. 

Ultimately, the applicator ALP ECO is a very simple piece of equipment that is directly coupled to the tank outlet but allows for a large homogeneity of slurry distribution and provides a solution for small-sized cisterns.

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